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Frequently Asked Questions

What will distance learning look like?
  • Our middle school scholars will be expected to begin their day at 9:00am and will virtually attend 5 classes daily, Monday through Friday. Teachers will provide office hours designed to provide scholars who need additional support, a space to receive one-on- one time with their teacher each afternoon. 
  • Our high school scholars will begin their day at 9:00am and are expected to attend all classes, virtually, on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. On Wednesday’s, scholars will have virtual assignments that are to be complete independently. Additionally, scholars will be scheduled for three intervention sessions that will begin at 11:00am and conclude at 2:45pm.  Upon completion, all teachers will be available until 4:00pm to provide one-on-one support for scholars who are in need of additional instruction.  
Is there a code of conduct for scholars?

As we engage in distance learning, we will be participating in video chats and meetings.  Face to Face time with Teachers and peers is an essential component to meaningful learning.  To ensure that our video meeting times are successful Green Street Scholars Teachers and Scholars will follow the expectations listed below for video chats and breakout sessions.


What are the video chat expectations?
  1. Scholars daily attendance will be recorded from participation in video chat sessions.
  2. Find a quiet work environment free of distractions.
  3. Dress appropriately. No bonnets, du rags, tank tops, undershirts or halter tops.
  4. Bring all necessary supplies to your work area (pencils, pens, paper) for not taking and calculations.
  5. Be on time to class. Prepare to log on a few minutes early in case you have connectivity issues.
  6. Face forward and turn your camera on.
  7. Be respectful while your camera is on. No hand gestures, silly faces etc.
  8. Keep your microphone on mute. Click the raise hand feature and wait to be called on if you would like to share or have a question or communicate through the chat function.
  9. Rude, inflammatory, and inappropriate language will not be tolerated.
  10. Stay focused and on task throughout the lesson.

Two key core values of the Green Street Way are Scholarship and Integrity.  During distance learning it is imperative that we remain accountable for the authenticity of our work. Under no circumstances will cheating of any kind be tolerated. Meaningful learning takes place through engaging instruction and practical application of skills learned.  For each teacher to accurately gage and assess each scholar’s growth, student submissions must be their own work.

What are the google classroom assignment expectations?
  1. All assignments will be posted in a timely manner and must be completed and turned in on time.
  2. Assignments will be graded with feedback in a timely manner.
  3. Late and makeup assignment submissions must be negotiated with your teacher.
  4. Each assignment must be original student work. Students should not seek unreasonable assistance from parents, guardians’, siblings or peers.  Students should not share completed assignments with peers.  Copying and pasting text from internet sources or sharing screen shots will be deemed as cheating or plagiarism and will result in a grade of 0, parent and administrator contact. 
  5. Each classroom assignment will be accompanied by the following student integrity statement:

“The work I have submitted today is my own.  I have received minimal assistance, properly cited sources and images and have translated my findings into my own words.”

What are the expectations for break out groups and discussion board expectations?

Break Out Groups Discussion Boards will be used throughout distance learning.  The boards provide ongoing discussions where scholars can gather thoughts, sate opinions, and find textual evidence before posting and sharing their responses.   For the outlet to remain purposeful students must adhere to the following expectations.

  1. Stay on topic. Complete assigned work.
  2. Answer in complete sentences. Meet any minimum word count.
  3. Allow all students to share their voice.
  4. Address every part of the question.
  5. Explain why you agree or disagree with other statements. Agree or disagree respectfully.
  6. Support your responses with testimonies, specific examples or textual evidence.
  7. Any use of rude, inflammatory or inappropriate language will result in parent and administrator contact.


What are the Parent/Teacher/Scholar Communication expectations?

Proactive and timely communication is key when building successful educational relationships.  Effective dialogues between parents, teachers and scholars yields increased: accountability, engagement and personal investment for all and greater academic performance from scholars. By engaging in meaningful communication each participant positively contributes to the GSA community. Please be mindful of the following expectations:

  1. Communication between parents teaches and scholars will be conducted during regular business days and hours, Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm.
  2. A 24-hour response time is required for all forms of communication.
  3. Teachers will schedule individual weekly office hours for providing additional supports to parents and scholars.