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At Green Street Academy

We’re currently accepting enrollment applications for 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 grades for the 2022-23 school year.
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February 2, 2022: Application Submission Deadline
February 8, 2022: Lottery Date
February 16, 2022: Lottery Inclement Weather Date (at GSA)

Green Street Academy


Applying to Green Street Academy

Enrollment Applications for Green Street Academy will be accepted through 3:00 PM on Wednesday, February 3, 2021.  Enrollment Application deadlines will not be extended in the case of inclement weather and/or school closings due to inclement weather or for any other reason.  In order to avoid disappointment and to ensure your child’s inclusion in the lottery draw, please do not wait until the last minute to submit the enrollment application

To apply for enrollment to Green Street Academy (GSA), a separate Enrollment Application must be completed and submitted for each child you wish to enroll.  Only one application per child will be accepted.  This Enrollment Application is for GSA only.  

Getting Informed

It is strongly recommended that interested families attend an Open House, which consists of an information session and school tour.  Open Houses are held prior to the application deadline date.  In order to accommodate working families, both evening and daytime sessions will be made available.  Supervised children are welcome to attend Open Houses and you do not need to RSVP.  If Baltimore City Public Schools are closed or close early due to inclement weather, Open Houses will be cancelled and may or may not be rescheduled.  Due to volume of interest, we are unable to accommodate individual information sessions and school tours. 

Who Can Apply

Enrollment preference is given to residents of Baltimore City.  If your child is selected for enrollment, you will be asked to supply two proofs of residency, one of them is a title, deed, or lease of your residence.

Applications for scholars who live outside of Baltimore City will not be included in the enrollment lottery and will be placed at the end of the waiting list. If the pool of Baltimore City applicants is exhausted and a non-Baltimore City applicant is selected from the waiting list, tuition will apply.  Application must be made by custodial parents or legal guardians only. Enrollment Applications will not be accepted from siblings or any other non-custodial relatives or friends.

Submitting Completed Applications

Be sure to complete the Enrollment Application thoroughly, neatly, and accurately. Incomplete Enrollment Applications will not be considered. Green Street Academy will not be responsible for incorrect, inaccurate, or illegible information.  Inaccuracies, errors, or misrepresentations on the Enrollment Application will adversely affect the applicant’s placement on the acceptance/waiting list.

Enrollment Applications will be accepted in one of three ways:

Hand-delivery:  Because the enrollment period includes Winter Break, other school holidays, and possible school closings due to inclement weather, please contact the school office first to ensure school is in session:  443-642-2068.

Email: Green Street Academy will not be responsible for delays, interruptions, or malfunctions of the receipt or transmission of email, or for the quality of the scanned image.  An automated delivery message will follow all emails received to that email address.  The automated reply does not confirm accuracy, completeness, or legibility of the application, nor does it confirm an attachment was received.

Mail:  Green Street Academy will not be responsible for lost, delayed, damaged, or misdirected mail.  Please call to verify receipt of applications one week after mailing the Enrollment Application.  All Enrollment Applications must be received by 4 PM on February 3, 2021. THIS IS NOT A POSTMARK DEADLINE.  Mailing of Enrollment Applications less than one week prior to the deadline is not recommended.

Late Arriving Applications:    Enrollment Applications received after 3:00 PM on February 3, 2021 will be placed at the bottom of the waiting list in the order they are received and will not be included in the lottery draw, should one be necessary.

Enrollment Lottery

If the number of applicants for a given grade does not exceed the number of available spaces, all applicants in that grade will be offered admission to the school.

If the number of Enrollment Applications for a given grade exceeds the number of available spaces, scholars will be selected for admission by random lottery on a grade-by-grade basis. Scholars are selected in the lottery per grade level using the information supplied on the Enrollment Application.  Inaccurate information regarding the applicant’s grade level or age will adversely affect the applicant’s placement on the acceptance/waiting list.

The enrollment lottery will be conducted by staff of Green Street Academy and witnessed by a representative of Baltimore City Public Schools.

The enrollment lottery draw will be held at 4 PM on February 10, 2021 at Green Street Academy, 125 N. Hilton Street, Baltimore, MD  21229. All interested parties are invited to attend the enrollment lottery draw.  In case of school closing for inclement weather, the enrollment lottery will be rescheduled for a later date.

Accepting a Space

An acceptance card and registration form will be mailed to all accepted applicants by February 24, 2021.  If you choose to accept the seat, both the card and registration form must be hand-delivered by or postmarked no later than April 27, 2021.  If we do not receive this written decision of acceptance postmarked by April 27, 2021, we will offer the available seat to the next applicant on the waiting list.  A verbal decision of acceptance is not sufficient and a space will not be held.  Once accepted, prospective families will receive a list of other documents required, along with associated deadlines, in order to complete their enrollment, per Baltimore City Public Schools. 

Green Street Academy will not be responsible for any acceptance notification letters returned to us in the mail due to incorrect, outdated, or illegible information provided on the Enrollment Application.  A reasonable attempt will be made to contact the accepted applicant by other means provided on the Enrollment Application but acceptance deadlines cannot be extended.  If we are unable to make contact after a reasonable attempt, we will offer the opening to the next applicant on the waiting list.

Because of the volume of applications and the quick turnaround time between the lottery draw and parent notification, it is not possible to disclose acceptance or waiting list placements by telephone or email before notification letters are mailed.  After notification letters are sent, acceptance and waiting list placements will not be provided to anyone other than the applicant family. 

Waiting List

Wait-listed applicants will be notified by mail of their placement on the waiting list by February 24, 2021.  Wait-listed applicants will be notified when and if an appropriate opening becomes available.  The waiting list for enrollment does not carry over from year-to-year.  Interested families not selected in the enrollment lottery draw must reapply for admission the following year. Green Street Academy will not be responsible for any wait-list notification letters returned to us in the mail due to incorrect, outdated, inaccurate, or illegible information provided on the Enrollment Application.

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